State-of-the art technology provides support to Livar’s development and guarantees the top quality of our products.

Livar’s knowledge and experience is based on a strong tradition and specific foundry knowledge, which is reflected in the high level of operational flexibility and our comprehensive range of products and services. Livar is linked with its customers and suppliers, with which it undertakes joint development projects – prototyping and testing, and the development of special materials. Livar also cooperates with and enhances it knowledge and experience through collaboration with the University of Ljubljana:

Livar’s employees are involved in all forms of education, which are strengthening their innovativeness, creativity and responsibility. The possibility of 3D modelling and numerical simulations of casting and solidification are an important competitive advantage of the company. In this area, we work with our customers’ technology development departments and with institutions of knowledge, particularly faculties and institutes. Using MAGMASOFT® software, we provide support to customers in developing new products and tools, and advise them on design solutions for their products.

Tool-Making Shop

The model tool-making shop and design department are engaged in the development, production and maintenance of foundry tools (models and core boxes). Their activities also include the development of the ducting range, as well as cooperation with clients in the development and design of new products. This includes the following processes:

  • technology
  • design
  • programming
  • simulation of casting and solidification of cast irons
  • stress-strain simulations
  • production of CNC tools as well as manual production and assembly of tools.

The production of castings takes place in modern CNC processing centres and CNC turning machines: CNC vertical processing centres


CNC Machines

Machine Road axis [mm] RPM
MORI SEIKI NV5000/40 x=800; y=510; z=510 12,000
DAEWOO DVM 650 x=1270; y=670; z=625 20,000



CNC turning machine

Machine Max. turning diameter [mm] Max. turning length [mm]
Ø 360 550


Other know-how


MAGMASOFT is the most up-to-date software for the simulation of casting and solidification of grey and nodular cast iron. This software enables us to foresee contingent defects and eliminate them at an early stage.



An advanced computer system for the analysis of thermal and chemical properties of cast iron. This programme allows for the early analysis and preparation of a cast iron that ensures adequate properties of castings.



An advanced optical scanner that is used to perform 3D measurements of castings. It is also used in reverse-engineering.



Solid WORKS and Solid CAM: tools for the design and production of the most complex foundry tools.



Using advanced technologies, we are able to produce and deliver prototype grey and nodular cast iron products within 12 working days.