A successful story about the transformation of Livar

We’re thrilled to share that our journey at Livar has been spotlighted in a recent article featured in Business Enquirer. 
This article highlights our remarkable achievements and the transformative leadership of our CEO, Rok Rozman, Ph.D. over the past 4 years.

Under growth mindset leadership, Livar has went under a remarkable ascent – from a business with a two out of ten financial stability rating to a thriving entity ranking among the top 7% in Slovenia.

Looking forward, we’re embarking on an ambitious vision, “The Roadmap to Excellence 2025,” aiming to become the preferred choice for casting production, machining, and assembly solutions. Our strategy centers on sustainability, people, clients, production, and processes, underscored by a strong commitment to innovation and a progressive company culture.

Now, more than ever, we’re committed to being strategic and fearless in protecting our environment, our people, and our communities, all while delivering the highest value in our field.

One of the most important business directions is also our long-term partnerships, such as the one we have with Foseco. Together, three years ago we started the journey of transforming business strategies and redefining industry standards. Our relationship is based on trust and commitment to progress.

Thank you for being part of our remarkable journey at Livar!

You are invited to read the article and learn more about our journey and accomplishments.