At Livar we consider our suppliers as highly important business partners, particularly for our survival and development in the face of increasingly fierce competition. Targeted towards offering high-quality products, we seek to work intensively with selected suppliers and undertake mutual development activities in order to meet the ever-challenging market needs.

General Sales Terms and Conditions

PDF - Splošni prodajni pogoji
General Sales Terms and Conditions 2016

General Purchase Terms and Conditions

PDF - Splošni nabavni pogoji 2014
General Purchase Terms and Conditions 2014
tel: + 386(0)1 786-99-63
tel: + 386(0)1 786-99-92

Information for Suppliers

More information about cooperation in the areas of purchasing, requirements for individual materials, and general purchase terms and conditions is available elsewhere on our website.

Primary raw materials

Ferro-alloys and additives for cast iron

Auxiliary materials
Steel waste class I FeSi pieces Core coatings
Steel waste class II FeMn pieces Water glass
JSteel waste class III Iron phosphide – FeP Foundry filter (foam)
Pig iron for grey cast iron Silicon carbide – SiC Slag skimmer
Pig iron for ductile cast iron Silicon carbide – SiC briquettes Anti-noise insert,
rubber 8mm,
foamed rubber, Jurček gasket
Covering sheet metal Tin – Sn Wooden boxes
Waste cast iron Cu chips
Cast iron turnings Recarburizing agent for grey cast iron
Coke Recarburizing agent for nodular cast iron
Calcite stone CaC2
Dry siliceous sand FeSiMg  Marjana Skubic
Coated siliceous sand Nodulizer wire  E:
Bentonite Modifier wire  T: +386(0)1 7869-992
Black wash Modifiers