At Livar, providing for and continuously improving quality processes are the main tasks of both the management and all our employees. We are all committed to monitoring the performance and efficiency of implemented activities for the assurance of quality in our field, as well as adapting our procedures to newly acquired knowledge.


In line with the development of our products, the market, and the endeavours of our employees, we have also developed quality systems and integrated them into our business strategy and objectives. The guiding principle of our business operation is the high quality of products and services with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of all takers – buyers, suppliers and employees.

The quality of Livar’s products and services is proven by the attained ISO 9001 (quality), IATF 16949 (automotive industry) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certificates, and ultimately by its quality policy (link to quality policy).


Livar’s quality objectives are harmonised with the requirements and expectations of its customers, while the quality management system has been expanded to include requirements for automotive industry suppliers.

We monitor and supervise the chemical and mechanical properties of individual ingredients and semiproducts throughout the entire production process. Our guideline is the control of individual stages of production as the only way to attain the best quality of a product. Thanks to our use of modern measuring equipment and technology for the partial detection of internal and surface defects, we are meeting the high requirements of customers and standards.



1. MITUTOYO 3D coordinate measuring machine


2. ATOS three-dimensional optical digitiser (3D scanner)


3. Magnetic particle inspections (MPI) using HELLING devices


4. Analyser of metallurgical content of chemical elements (quantometer)



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