Renovation and modernisation of sand preparation at PC Ivančna Gorica

The current sand preparation process at the location of Ivančna Gorica was set in place in 1986.  Although two significant modernisations – the replacement of the wet filters with dry ones and the transfer of the weighing and moistening functions on two mixers to the controller – were carried out during its long history, the equipment performance was insufficient in view of the increased orders and the related customer requirements.

In previous years, we carried out a series of activities aimed at renovating/modernising sand preparation, and after coordinating with various service providers, we selected the Siapro d.o.o. company as the most technically adequate and signed a cooperation contract with it in the beginning of May.

The renovation and modernisation of sand preparation involves the construction of a new building and an extensive investment in purchasing equipment that includes a sand cooler, two mixers with a laboratory (each sand batch will be checked) and an old sand regeneration machine. The installation of the equipment in a separate extension will enable us to install and test most of the equipment without significantly impacting the manufacturing process and the possibility of the existing equipment being operated up until its upgrade. At the moment, we estimate to connect the current and new conveyors for the supply and return of sand during the regular half-year overhaul at the end of 2017.

Currently, the foundation bedplate has been completed, and after 20 October 2017 works will begin to construct an assembly hall and the regular equipment assembly. We carried out the pre-acceptance of Simpson mixers, and in the following weeks coolers and sand regeneration machines will follow. The silos for the new sand, bentonite and coal are also constructed and ready to be assembled.

Sand preparation – Construction site at Livar d.d.

As part of the activities which we will provide to Livar d.d. within the framework of the project, a transformer substation was ordered and the activities for guiding the electric cable from the main transformer substation have begun. The relocation of the water supply network and the installation for the water supply to the new sand preparation were carried out. At the same time, work for relocating the compressed air supply are also under way.

A more extensive report with a case study of the entire investment and final acquisitions for our technological process is expected at the conclusion of the works, most likely in January 2018.