New filtering device for the finalization department

At the finalization department of the Črnomelj production unit we are in the final stages of replacing the old filtering systems with a modern and technologically advanced solution. The current method of dedusting sandblasters and grinding machines was based on old dedusting systems with three filters installed in the production area and with one external bag filter.

The new dedusting concept is based on two bag filters with a common exhaust, whereby the first filter with a capacity of 75.000 m3/h is intended for dedusting sandblasters and the second filter with a capacity of 64.000 m3/h is intended for dedusting all the grinding machines. The first filter, to which seven sandblasters are connected, has been in operation since the beginning of the current year. The second filter, which will suction 10 hanging, 12 stable grinders and 6 grinding machines, will be installed by the end of February. The existing internal filters will remain active during the transitional period.

The main benefits of the new systems are better ventilation, lower operation noise and continuous monitoring of emissions into the environment (a device that continuously measures the volume of emitted dust particles). The operation of the new filtering device in the finalization department has improved significantly the working conditions and the well-being of the employees.