Livar is forming a new managing team

At the session held on 22/02/2019, the Management Board of LIVAR d.d., Ivančna Gorica, appointed Dr. Rok Rozman, the current Chairman of the Management Board, as the new General Manager of the company. Vojko Rovere, who in the meantime performed the function of interim executive director, has re-taken charge of the Management Board. The appointments entered into effect on 01/03/2019.

The Management Board has thereby started realising the strategy of forming a new managing team that will lead Livar in the future and guide its business restructuring. Dr. Rozman is an expert in the area of restructuring with extended management experience, and has been active in the Management Board of the company since May 2018.  In the following weeks, two more members are expected to be added to the core management team.

The business and financial restructuring of the company began at the end of 2012 and on that basis the foundations for a successful development were laid. In the past year, the company failed to achieve the expected results, in particular the executive management failed to justify the trust of inner and outer stakeholders, for this reason the Management Board adopted the decision to form a new management team.


The main objective of the Management Board and the new management team is to ensure long-term successful business operation of Livar as an excellent, reliable, development-oriented and socially responsible foundry company that is characterised by a responsible ATTITUDE toward employees and all its stakeholders.


Livar d.d.

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