A new management team has been formed

The Management Board of Livar d.d. completed the management team that will lead the company in the future with the objective of putting Livar on the map of the leading European foundries which are renowned for their production excellency, reliable supply, implementation of development projects and responsible attitude toward all key stakeholders and the environment.

Dr. Rok Rozman, CEO of the company, was joined by Peter Smole as the CTO and by Dejan Kaisersberger as the CFO. Peter Smole took up his duties on 26/03/2019, before that he was the director of the company GKN Driveline Slovenija, which received the 2018 Gazelle award of Savinja – Zasavje Region under his leadership. Dejan Kaisersberger is currently the financial director of the company Slovenian state forests, and will take up the role of Chief Financial Officer on 6/5/2019, and he has been already a member of the Management Board since 25/2/2019.

The Management Board also appointed a new Sales & Marketing director, namely Robert Delalut, who took up his duties today. Robert Delalut was the executive director of the DZS Commerce division and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of production and sales management.


The Management Board thus rounded the announced formation of a new, highly competent and motivated management team. The Management Board will now start focusing on setting up a new business strategy, on optimizing the production processes and encouraging an innovative, safe and organised working environment.


Livar d.d.

Management Board