Livar raised its productivity with the help of digitalisation

The business restructuring of Livar company is based on a vision of becoming first choice of selected buyers for castings, machining and installation which is based on motivated coworkers and centres of excellence. Livar company is working since the year of 1954 and is the biggest foundry of cast iron in Slovenia. Livar company is a foundry specialised for producing products from grey and nodular cast iron, with its own machining processing. At Livar company a strategy was set up which will enable future investments in optimization, automation and digitalisation of production processes and in other areas of the company as well. There was recently a first phase of digital transformation of machining processing plant concluded, which enables full traceability of production processes and entire material flow as well and thus enables monitoring of production in every single moment.

»We entirely introduced paperless production meaning that the work orders are now fully electronic. The preparation, planning and execution of individual operations under work order, concluding and assuring the quality are also digitalised. Therefore we have provided full monitoring of actual condition of machines in every single moment, monitoring of reaching standards, monitoring of all downtimes including the reasons for downtimes and the time lenght of downtimes, planning and controlling of material consumption and tools of each machine and monitoring of produced quantities including appropriate quality« has said Sašo Malerič, the director of Machining processing department at Livar company.

The management of the Livar company is orientated in production, provides monitoring of key production indicators and coordinates execution of corrective measurements on a daily basis. The decision to adopt gradual digital transformation has been made based on challenges in the past, which occured mainly in the areas of planning the production processes, monitoring and efficiency of the production. Therefore it was managed to implement the comprehensive solution by introducing available solutions offered by digital transformation of production. With such comprehensive solution it was managed to provide efficient distribution of work orders per working units, monitoring of material flow and interphasal stocks, elimination of manual data inputs, full automation of reception of key data directly from the machines and also entirely abolish paper in the machining processing production.

In the beginning of the year of 2018 the help of Kolektor Sisteh was provided and thus the beginning of digital tranformation and introduction of Sinapro.IIoT.MES was started. In-depth knowledge of production systems and technologies of management in process and mass industry was necessary for successful execution of the first phase of digital transformation. Kolektor Sisteh contributed its extensive experiences on automation and informatisation area and adapted its own solution which successfully fulfills work specifics and demands of Livar company and thus enables higher efficiency and satisfaction of all employees.

The solution thus contains automatic reception of data and information about work progress in real time from each machine, line and device per individual working unit. The solution also enables automated and intelligent distribution of work orders per machine, two-way communication with business system ERP and providing of key instructions and information in real time to the personnel at each individual working unit. Therefore the employees have all the relevant information at their disposal all the time, enabling them to know exactly what is going on in the production process. With such solution the system becomes more transparent and additionally encourages downtime prevention and thus also improves general work ethic and interpersonal relationships between employees at Livar company.

Their production is now more flexible and possesses accurate data in real time, what is also visible in the area of success indicators. The director of Machining processing department Sašo Malerič has said: »Implementation of Sinapro.IIoT.MES system has enabled important increase in productivity of production processes in the department of machining processing«.


Luka Kozamernik, MBA, Digital Transformation Consultant for Glas gospodarstva Slovenije