Foundrymen’s safer work initiative

Introduction of »Minute for safety« method – support of investments in our health

We are exposed to situations which affect our health on a daily basis. Based on a possibility to get injured even at a workplace, we have a responsibility to recognise risky situations, make a risk assessment and prevent injuries with appropriate measures.

Due to health and safety care of every single member of Livar’s team and due to Livar’s aspirations to achieve strategic goals in the field of health and safety at work, we call on our employees to co-create better safety with the introduction of »Minute for safety« activity.

Therefore the sistematic introduction of »Minute for safety« activity is beginning in the last weeks of July. »Minute for safety« is being introduced as an adoption of good practices from abroad (1minute4Safety) and from domestic business environment. We are thus making aware of our coworkers’ safety on every single step.

Manipulator in Črnomelj’s shaping plant for safer work 

We installed Indev company’s manipulator in the Črnomelj’s shaping plant which will contribute to easier and faster casting into moulds. The manipulator enables moving the burdens of different weight and geometry with the same force. It is very responsive and precise and enables ergonomic working without great efforts. Casting working will be easier and more accurate with this new acquistion.