Fire training exercise at LIVAR

October is a well-known month of fire safety in Slovenia. On this occasion, LIVAR has organized a fire training exercise which consisted of an evacuation exercise from the administrative office building of our company. The aim of the exercise was to test the competence and readiness of both the employees as well as the local protection and rescue forces represented by the Ivančna Gorica Volunteer Firemen Association. During the fire training exercise, the firefighters, among others, gave theoretical and practical instructions to all the participants regarding the correct and safe approach to the extinction of the fire in its early stage. Moreover, the Livar colleagues have demonstrated basic resuscitation procedures and have presented the automated resuscitation device (the defibrillator), installed at as many as three locations on the Livar premises.


Livar would like to thank all the participants, in particular the Ivančna Gorica Volunteer Firemen Association. In the future, we hope to test the competence only during exercises such as the last one.